WordPress Menus

Since WordPress 3.0, WordPress has added the ability to create and manage navigation menus from right within WordPress.
To create new menus:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus.
  2. Create a new menu by pressing the “+” tab.
  3. Fill out the menu name and press Create Menu.
  4. You can then add custom links, pages, categories, and custom post types by checking off the corresponding items on the left and clicking Add to Menu.
  5. You can reorder the menu items by dragging and dropping them. If you want to create a sub- or drop-down menu, select the menu item, place it underneath the item you want to be the parent, and drag it slightly to the right.
  6. Once your menu is complete, press Save Menu.
  7. If your theme supports multiple menus, you may need to associate your new menu with a “theme location.” You can do so using the drop down box on the left, under the Theme Locations heading.

WordPress has its own extensive documentation on creating menus in the codex.


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