Strings as paramaters

The string can be passed to a function just as in a normal array. The following examples are used for printing the number of characters in the string:

int main ( )
    char s1[6] = "abcde ";
    int cnt = 0;
    cnt = cnt_str(s1);       // A
    printf( " total characters are %d \n", cnt);
    return 0;
int cnt_str(char s1[])       // B
    int cn = 0;
   while( (cn < 6) && (s1[cn]!= '\0'))


  1. A function, cnt_str, calculates the number of characters in a string. The string is passed just as a character array. When the array is passed, the base address of the array is actually what gets passed.
  2. Statement B is called to a function in which s1 is passed just as a normal array.

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