Returning a Value

Functions are not used just to display things. In fact, they are mostly used to perform calculations or data manipulation and then return a result. The function fixNames in following Example uses the arguments array (discussed in the previous section) to take a series of strings passed to it and return them as a single string. The “fix” it performs is to convert every character in the arguments to lowercase except for the first character of each argument, which is set to a capital letter.

document.write(fixNames("the", "DALLAS", "CowBoys"))
function fixNames()
var s = ""
for (j = 0 ; j < fixNames.arguments.length ; ++j)
s += fixNames.arguments[j].charAt(0).toUpperCase() +
fixNames.arguments[j].substr(1).toLowerCase() + " "
return s.substr(0, s.length-1)

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