Relative and Absolute Cell References

Relative Cell References

Relative cell references are basic cell references that adjust and change when copied or when using AutoFill.

Step 1:

In the following image we have shown a simple excel spreadsheet. No formulas, only some simple values as :

Step 2:

now we are calculating multiply of one cell with another as :

Step 3:

Now we are dragging contents of cell to calculate other values as:

Here values of F3 is calculated by dragging, now the formula for f3 becomes :
F3 = B3*D3
and after on dragging the values are calculated as :

F4 = B4*D4
F5 = B5*D5
F6 = B6*D6
F7 = B7*D7

Step 4:

Now, If we have to keep one cell value same and multiply it with another changing cell value on dragging we will use Absolute Cell values as:

You need to write only $ sign in front of cell as shown in the above image. and the values will be evaluated as :


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