Macros in Microsoft Word

In Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can automate frequently used tasks by creating macros. A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.
Typical uses for macros are:

  • To speed up routine editing and formatting
  • To combine multiple commands — for example, to insert a table with a specific size and borders, and with a specific number of rows and columns
  • To make an option in a dialog box more accessible
  • To automate a complex series of tasks


Step 1:

So to View Tab > Select Macro > Record Macro
Step 2:

Give macro name (say macro 1 here) > Select button option (because we are assigning a macro to a button)
Step 3:

It will open word options > add the macro to a toolbar.
Step 3:

Select ok and your macro button will be shown in main toolbar and macro recording starts.
Step 4:

Perform any work like this as we have did to type some text and perform some basic formatting.
Step 5:

for running macro just click the macro button and your macro will run to produce results.


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