Java Foundation Classes

The FC is a suite of libraries designed to assist programmers in creating enterprise applications with Java. The Swing API is only one of five libraries that make up the JFC. The JFC also consists of the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT), the Accessibility API, the 2D API, and enhanced support for Drag and Drop capabilities. Here is a brief introduction to the other elements in the JFC:


The Abstract Window Toolkit is the basic GUI toolkit shipped with all versions of the Java Development Kit. While Swing does not reuse any of the older AWT components, it does build on the lightweight component facilities.


The accessibility package provides assistance to users who have trouble with traditional user interfaces. Accessibility tools can be used in conjunction with devices such as audible text readers or braille keyboards to allow direct access to the Swing components. Accessibility is split into two parts: the Accessibility API, which is shipped with the Swing distribution, and the Accessibility Utilities API, which is distributed separately. All Swing components support accessibility.


The 2D API contains classes for implementing various painting styles, complex shapes, fonts, and colors. This Java package is loosely based on APIs that were licensed from IBM’s Taligent division. The 2D API classes are not part of Swing.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop (DnD) is one of the more common metaphors used in graphical interfaces today. The user is allowed to click and “hold” a GUI object, moving it to another window or frame in the desktop with predictable results. The DnD API allows users to implement droppable elements that transfer information between Java applications and native applications. Although DnD is not part of Swing, it is crucial to a commercial-quality application.


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