installing zend framework on wamp

Following steps show how to setup zend framework with wamp server.

Step 1:

Your php version should be greater than 5.2.x

Step 2:

Load mod_rewrite Rule: Web Server (Apache) supports mod_rewrite rule to support .htaccess file. so to load this module, in Apache folder there is httpd.conf file (C:/wamp/bin/apache/Apache2.2.21/conf).
Uncomment it (remove # from head of the line)

Step 3:

Download Zend framework from :
I have downloaded Zend Framework 1.12.3 Full.

Step 4:

Extract all files from zip/tar file to your local directory

Step 5:

make a folder in you php directory (C:\wamp\bin\php\ZendFramework) and paste all you zend framework files here

Step 6:

Add two system variables in your system path

  1. Right click on my computer
  2. go to properties
  3. Go to advance system settings on left pane
  4. Open advance tab
  5. go to Environment variables
  6. locate Path System variable, edit this variabe
  7. ;C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.10;C:\wamp\bin\php\ZendFramework\bin
  8. this step will add Zend tool to locate zf.bat and zf.php to create projects by zend tool

Step 7:

open you command prompt and type :

C:\Users\mark>zf show version
Zend Framework Version: 1.12.3

if above output shows on your screen then zend tool is configured successfully

Step 8:

Now type following command on command prompt by going into your wamp folder:
zf create project helloworld

Step 9:

if the above command is executed it will create the following structure in your project wamp directory :

Step 9 :

Last step is to copy library/zend/ directory from zend folder to helloworld/library folder. Navigate to the http://localhost/helloworld/public/ by you browser and welcome page will be shown.


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