Install OpenCV in Windows for Python

Step 1


  1. Python
  2. Numpy
  3. Matplotlib
  4. Download latest OpenCV release from sourceforge site and double-click to extract it.

Step 2

  • Goto <your opencv extracted directory> like in my case it is E:\opencv\build\python\2.7\x86 folder (32 bit systems) or E:\opencv\build\python\2.7\x64 (64 bit systems) and copy cv2.pyd.
  • Paste cv2.pyd in <your python installed location> like in my case it is C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages

Step 3

Open Python command prompt or IDLE and type the following code

>>> import cv2
>>> print cv2.__version__

If the code runs and version is displayed ? WE ARE DONE…..


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