HTML Frames

Frames shows how you can divide the document window into columns and rows of individual frames separated by rules and scroll bars. Although it is not immediately apparent in the example, each frame in the window contains an independent document. Frames may contain any valid content the browser is capable of displaying, including XHTML documents and multimedia. If the frame’s contents include a hyperlink that the user selects, the new document’s contentseven another frame documentmay replace that same frame, another frame’s content, or the entire browser window.

Frame Tags

The following example will demonstrate how frameset are used in a web page

<title>Frames Layout</title>
<frameset rows="60%,*" cols="65%,20%,*">
  <frame src="frame1.html">
  <frame src="frame2.html">
  <frame src="frame3.html" name="fill_me">
  <frame scrolling=yes src="frame4.html">
  <frame src="frame5.html">
  <frame src="frame6.html" id="test">
    Sorry, this document can be viewed only with a
    frames-capable browser.
    <a href = "frame1.html">Take this link</a>
    to the first HTML document in the set.

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