Forecefully delete printer jobs

There are various reasons that leads to error in printing a document, and the printing job stay in printing queue, which halts any next job to be executed or installing/uninstalling printer drivers. In these situations we need to delete print queue jobs forcefully. In order to cancel/delete these jobs follow these steps :

Step 1 (stop print spooler service)

go to run prompt > type services.msc > press enter

Step 2 (Stopping spooler service)

Step 1 will result to open all windows services, find print spooler service as shown follow, right click the service and then click stop.

Step 3 (windows folder for print jobs)

Open : C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS if window is installed on C Drive, otherwise locate your folder accordingly.
On my computer this is displayed as :

Now your printer jobs will be displayed in this folder, delete all files in this folder and your all jobs are deleted.

Step 4 (Start your service again)

Start your service again, by following Step 2 exactly.


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