Declaring a Structure

In our example program, the following statement declares the structure type:

struct book {
	char name;
	float price;
	int pages;

This statement defines a new data type called struct book. Each variable of this data type will consist of a character variable called name, a float variable called price and an integer variable called pages. The general form of a structure declaration statement is given below:

structure element 1 ;
structure element 2 ;
structure element 3 ;


Once the new structure data type has been defined one or more variables can be declared to be of that type. For example the variables b1, b2, b3 can be declared to be of the type struct book, as,

struct book b1, b2, b3 ;

This statement sets aside space in memory. It makes available space to hold all the elements in the structure—in this case, 7 bytes—one for name, four for price and two for pages. These bytes are always in adjacent memory locations.


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