Code Blocks Use Indentation

Code blocks are identified by indentation rather than using symbols like curly braces. Without extra symbols, programs are easier to read. Also, indentation clearly identifies which block of code a statement belongs to. Of course, code blocks can consist of single statements, too.
When one is new to Python, indentation may comes as a surprise. Humans generally prefer to avoid change, so perhaps after many years of coding with brace delimitation, the first impression of using pure indentation may not be completely positive. However, recall that two of Python’s features are that it is simplistic in nature and easy-to-read. Three hundred and sixty-five days after you indent your first line of Python, revisit this thought and determine if you maintain the same position you have today. More than likely, you will have discovered that life without braces is not as bad as you had originally thought.


>>> counter = 5
>>> if counter <5:
        "hi less than 5"

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