Calling Multiple Functions

If you have grasped the concept of ‘calling’ a function you are prepared for a call to more than one function. Consider the following example:


int main( ) 
    int num;
    printf("Enter number ");
    printf("Square is %d",square(num)); // calling function square
    printf("\nCube is %d",cube(num)); // calling function cube

    // calling function toThePowerFour
    printf("\nPower to 4 is %d",toThePowerFour(num)); 
    return 0;

int square(int number)
    // returning a value from function to the calling block
    return number*number; 

int cube(int number)
    return number*number*number; 

int toThePowerFour(int number)
    return number*number*number*number; 

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